Research Highlights

 Nov 2021  Our meLAB receives funding in two new Innovate UK projects. The UKRI news:

The University of Glasgow lends support to £6.5M Quantum Computing Consortium. Read the news here: 

The University of Glasgow researchers contribute to £5.7M Quantum Computing Project. Read the news here: 


 Feb 2020  Our work on Electronic Contact Lens has been highlighted as "Wearable electronic contact lenses as non-invasive brain sensors" by Advanced Science News:

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 16.00.45.png

 Nov 2019 Bringing Robotic Sensors to Life (Online Video & Article): Amazing work by Xiangpeng and Melab team! 

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 19.51.34 copy.png

 Sept 2019  Matter over mind (Online Article):  Research challenges in developing implantable microdevices outlined by senior meLab members   

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 May 2019  Wireless Power Stations Could Accelerate Drone Delivery Use: IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight featured our undergraduate research on the wireless power delivery at the Glasgow College UESTC