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We are always looking for outstanding and exceptional students (both MEng/MSc thesis option and PhD). In particular, we are looking for PhD applicants who have experience in Analog Circuit Design/Solid-State Sensors/Implantable and Wearable Electronics. The potential PhD projects include:

  • Brain Implantable Microelectronic Devices
  • Brain Magnetic Stimulation for Neurological Disorders
  • Wearable Smart Wrsitband for Gesture Recogonition
  • On-Chip Sensors Fusion for Wearable Devices
  • Smart Contact Lens for Early Diagnosis and Mornotiring of Ocular and Neurological Disorders
  • Point-of-Care Magnetic Biosensors for Malaria Parasite Detection
  • Magnetic Sensors for Magnetomyography (MMG)

If you are a prospective graduate student and you have some prior background in Circuit and Sensors (papers, projects, courses etc.) then please feel free to get in touch providing some details about yourself and your research interests. 

  • Lab room
  • Solar simulator
  • Device characterisation Tester
  • Fume Cabinet
  • PCB maker
  • Helmholtz coil and probes
  • Circuit Test Equipment

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    New Postdoc Positions: 

    Our lab in collaboration with Glasgow Quantum Circuits Group are hiring Three Postdoctoral Research Associates for a project on Cryoelectronic Quantum Computing Qubit Control interface using CMOS Circuits and System Design. Please contact us for more information.

    We are looking for a postdoc who has experience in the Implantable Electronics and Neural Interfaces to be work in an EU H2020 project. Please contact us if you are interested. 

    Non-UK staff can be supported in applications for:

    The Royal Society Newton Fellowships (2 years)
    Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF) (1-3 years).

    New Ph.D. Studentship for Home/UK Students:

    A new PhD position for Home UK/EU students for the new academic year is available: 

    G_HH_1: * CMOS-Based Magnetic Resonance Biomedical Sensors

    Find out here for more information and please contact us to discuss further.