meLAB News in 2020

April 2020
  • Our article entitled "An Implementation of Hot-swap Circuit with High Reliability" has been accepted for publication to the Microelectronics Journal.
March 2020
  • Delighted to hear our eFutures Sandpit proposal on Neuromorphic ECG pad got funded! Look forward to working with Sussex University and Kings College London on this project.
  • Our article entitled "Miniaturized Magnetic Sensors for Implantable Magnetomyography" has been accepted for publication to Advanced Materials Technologies. Well done Siming!
  • Two collaborative articles from meLAB have been accepted for publication to the IEEE ACESS and Elsevier Ain Shams Engineering Journal.
  • Our March blog post is live: the story of our undergraduate students preparation for the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Design Competition.
February 2020
  • Our grant on Magnetic-based Point-of-Care Diagnostics has been funded by Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering (SRPe).
  • Our work on Electronic Contact Lens has been highlighted as "Wearable electronic contact lenses as non-invasive brain sensors" by Advanced Science News: 

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 16.00.45.png

  • Our article entitled "Electronic Contact Lens: A Platform for Wireless Health Monitoring Applications" has been accepted for publication to the Advanced Intelligent SystemsCongratulations to Amy, Rupam and the team.
  • Exciting news: our lab has been awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to boost our research on the wireless brain implantable devices! Congratulation Rupam.


  • A very warm welcome to Yuchen Li who joins the meLAB as PhD student to work on magnetic-based point of care diagnostics for malaria parasite detection.
  • Delighted that our EPSRC IAA to translate our magnetic sensors 🧲 to the next step towards point-of-care malaria diagnostics in collaboration with Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine at the University of Glagsow.

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January 2020

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